Belly Fat: Are Americans Clueless or in Denial?

A recent poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affair Research revealed that, while many Americans understand that obesity in the U.S. is a serious epidemic, many do not know or understand the far reaching health risks of being obese or overweight. 

According to the poll, while over 70% of the 1,011 adults surveyed mentioned heart disease and diabetes, 21% or less mentioned high blood pressure, arthritis, joint disorders, depression, stress and high cholesterol.   Even fewer mentioned cancer and respiratory problems (only 7% and 5%, respectively).

And, in spite of widely available government statics, which tell us that a whopping 75% or more Americans are overweight or obese, interestingly, about 50% of those surveyed in the poll indicated that they thought their weight was normal!

So, are Americans clueless about the risks of being overweight or obese or are they simply in denial?  Or, worse yet, are they clueless or in denial about the real dangers of belly fat?   Perhaps many of us think that its "okay" to have a bulging, huge belly ... after all, nearly everyone else does.  And, that makes it okay, right?

Its downright frightening that so many Americans have obviously resorted to lying to themselves, through either outright dismissal of the grave reality of their own situation or by justification ... i.e., everyone else "is doing it" ... that is, eating more and more junk and processed foods and getting bigger, fatter and unhealthier.  While, ignoring the facts or "joining the ranks" (of the overweight or obese) may seem okay today, what about at some point in the future, when one becomes too heavy to enjoy or perform even the simplest of tasks or activities ... like throwing ball with a child, cleaning the house or just getting out of bed and moving about? 

It seems that we have become a society of individuals who crave instant satisfaction.  We want that (fat-laden) 1/2 pound burger, that pepperoni and sausage pizza, or that bucket of chicken wings "RIGHT NOW"!!   We don't stop and think.  And, besides, who cares about today or even tomorrow?  Some of us even laugh it off!  Well, guess what, if we don't do something NOW ... the joke is going to be on us! 

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