Belly Fat: Dead Food Addiction in America

There just doesn't seem to be a way to get through to some people.   Overweight and obese Americans continually complain about their weight and myriad of health issues.   Every year, they spend billions of dollars on the latest "miracle" diet plans, exercise equipment, surgical procedures and drugs that promise a quick and permanent weight loss.   Yet, every year, Americans (including children) get fatter and sicker.  

With so many weight loss plans and programs around, why is nothing working?  Why are we getting thicker and unhealthier?  The answer is so simple and so clear:  Americans eat a disproportionate amount of junk, fast and processed food and consume vast amounts of meat and dairy products.  This is the very simple reason why we have belly fat and why over 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, are afflicted with coronary heart disease, diabetes, joint pain, cancer and many other debilitating illnesses and medical conditions.

The food that we consume is too high in saturated and trans fat, sugar, chemicals, preservatives, additives, hormones, pesticides and antibiotics.  Today, a large percentage of what most Americans eat should probably not even be called "food".  I call it "dead food" because it is devoid of nutrients.

So, why is it so difficult to change our eating habits?  The reason is so incredibly simple:  we are addicted to this "dead food"!  We have been mentally, emotionally and physically conditioned to crave it through clever marketing strategies and additives in the food itself.

The mega food giants, factory farms and big pharmaceutical companies have already done their research:  they know what chemicals they need to put into your food to addict you and what advertising campaigns they must promote in order to get and keep you addicted!  Once the food giants and factory farms make you fat and sick with their food, the big pharma companies are there to step in and "take care of you" with their drugs!

But so long as you are overweight or obese, the drugs will never cure you.  Increased dosages will just alleviate or mask certain symptoms and keep you "alive" - breathing, but barely moving.   These corporate food and drug giants need for you to stay alive so they can keep selling the both the dead food and the medications to your addicted self.

Your body, health and life are your responsibility.  You have the power to say "NO" to junk, fast and processed food.  Educate yourself and take responsibility for your own health and well-being.  Once you do, you will also say "NO" to meat and dairy that is delivered to your plate full of fat, cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics and suffering.
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