Belly Fat: Food Diary (Part 1)

The idea of keeping a Food Diary (or Journal) may not appeal to you at all.  Yes, it is tedious.  Yes, it is boring.  And, yes, you will forget to make entries.  But, and this is a very BIG "but" ... a Food Diary is an essential tool in losing that belly fat!  Here is why:

First of all, most of us eat mindlessly.  That is, we put various things into our mouths throughout the day without even thinking about what it is, exactly, we are eating.  Sure, we know we just ate a cheeseburger.   Yum, all of that saturated and trans fat, dietary cholesterol, sodium, food additives and all of those refined carbs sure were tasty!  And, all of those hundreds of calories, especially the calories from fat, are sure going to look fantastic around our waistlines!

Secondly, many of us eat on the go or while multi-tasking.  Just think about it.  How many times in the past week have you eaten or snacked while walking,  driving, working, watching TV or talking on the phone?   Eating while we engage in other activities more often than not causes us to lose track of just how much we are consuming. 

A Food Diary that tracks the food we normally eat (when we are not on a particular diet du jour) is the best reality check - something that anyone with a bulging belly can greatly benefit from.  We can learn a great deal about our eating habits and how the food we eat is causing or contributing to our being overweight or obese.  From there, we can make a sensible eating plan and set realistic weight loss goals.  Although it is an indispensable starting point, later a Food Diary can also serve to motivate and inspire, as well as show us where we need to make some adjustments and fine-tune our efforts.

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