Belly Fat Food: Eliminate these Foods from Your Diet

After all of my research into the relationship between food and being overweight or obese, I came to the conclusion that in order to lose the belly fat, I simply had to avoid eating certain foods and drinking certain beverages.  Once I cut out these foods and drinks from my diet, the belly other fat began to melt away.  And, not just that, there was a clear overall health benefit to eliminating these foods from my diet.

1.  Animal Based Protein

Animal based protein is found in the flesh of animals (i.e., meat) and in dairy products (i.e., milk, cheese, butter).   Not only is animal based protein loaded with saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, it has no dietary fiber and lacks many important vitamins and minerals.  There is strong evidence that consumption of animal based protein is linked to coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other disabling or life-threatening medical conditions.   Finally, most of the meat and dairy that is consumed in the United States today comes from factory farms, where the animals are not only grossly mistreated, but are routinely given massive doses of growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics that ultimately end up in our food.

2.  Alcohol, Soft Drinks and Commercial Fruit Juice

Alcohol is packed with sugar and calories and depletes the body of certain minerals and vitamins, while interfering with the body's ability to absorb vital nutrients.  Studies have shown that alcohol consumption may increase the amount of fat around organs and that the liver metabolizes it (the alcohol, a toxin) first, before it metabolizes fat.

Commercial fruit juice and soft drinks are loaded with refined sugar and empty calories.   Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, many of which are thought to be dangerous to our health.

3.  Junk, Processed and Prepared Foods

By the time junk, processed and prepared (including many frozen and canned) food ends up on our plate, it has been stripped of most (if not all) of its native and vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  The food is often literally just a "super-sized" concoction of fats, cholesterol, sugars, calories, chemicals, additives and preservatives.  Some food manufacturers put vitamins and minerals back into this concoction in order to give it at least a small amount of redeemable value.

4.  Simple Carbohydrates

Food containing simple carbohydrates include anything made with refined flour and or sugar, like white bread, pasta made from white flour, candy, and most cakes, pastries and cereals.   Upon digestion, simple carbs most often get converted to sugar storage within cells or to fat.

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