Covering Up the Belly Fat with One-Piece Bathing Suits

I didn't foresee that my first entry on this new blog would be a bit of rant about an article that appeared on Yahoo Shine recently entitled "See Ya Bikinis!  One-piece Swimsuits Poised for a Takeover".    The title and content of the article embraces the recent growing trend toward one-piece swimwear (for women, of course!)
and appears to rejoice in the fact that one-piece swimsuits provide better coverage for belly fat than bikinis (obviously!).   Personally, I take issue with this type of content, with statements like "Yes, that extra inch to pinch around your tummy can potentially remain hidden all year" because it sends the wrong message. 

The plain truth is that the majority of American women have significantly more than just "an inch to pinch" in the their bellies.  According to two 2009-2010 surveys conducted by the CDC and NHIS, the estimated percentage of overweight or obese American women ages 20 and older was 64% (overweight or obese), 36% (obese) and 8% (extremely obese).   In the past two years, since the results of those surveys were published, the figures have surely increased.

Belly fat in both men and women has been linked to an increased risk for a myriad of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, sleep apnea and some types of cancer.

Sure, its simple enough to just cover up a big belly with a maillot or other clothes   But, wouldn't it be so much better if women wore one piece swimsuits because they wanted to, not because they had to? 

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