Infographic - The Anatomy of a Vegan

Based on my own experience, adopting a vegan diet (that is, going from vegetarian to vegan) has not only lead to better health, but also to overall weight loss and successful, permanent belly fat loss.

Unfortunately, many Americans are not sure what a vegan is and are confused about what foods a vegan eats.  This is why I really like this infographic entitled "The Anatomy of a Vegan".   It contains some interesting facts about vegans and the vegan lifestyle, although it is somewhat misleading.

In looking at this infographic, one might think that vegans are uneducated and poor, with 46% having "only" a high school diploma or no education (now could that be?) and 48% having an annual income of $30,000 or less.

But, when one considers that 45% are 20 years or younger, it makes perfect sense, does it not?  These vegans are still likely in college and do not yet have a college degree.  And, because this group very likely comprises largely of  full-time students (with no job or only a part-time job), it is obvious that they would have a significantly lower annual income.

This Infographic has been researched and produced by Advanced Physical Medicine - Chicago Chiropractic.

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