Infographic: The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition

Ultimate Guide to Workout
Nutrition [Infographic]
This infographic entitled "The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition" contains some solid information on what to eat before and after exercising in order to maximize the benefits of working out. The types of exercise covered include cardio, strength and circuit training. Ideal protein to carbohydrate ratios and specific food choices are suggested for both pre-workout and post-workout for each type of exercise.

What I appreciate about this infographic is that it includes many whole food, plant-based choices (like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soy milk) that fit right in line with a vegan or vegetarian diet, even though it was obviously not designed/created specifically for that purpose. Nevertheless, informed vegans and vegetarians can use the guidelines and easily adapt them to their diets.

 For meat-eaters trying to lose weight (including that stubborn belly fat), adopting the plant-based food suggestions in this infographic may greatly enhance their weight loss efforts. Recent studies have shown that a whole food, plant-based diet combined with a moderate increase in activity, is the fastest and easiest road to permanent weight loss.

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