Infographic: Drugs in Milk and Meat

This infographic illustrates the residue of eight separate drugs in amounts over the legal limit that were discovered by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)  in culled dairy cows in Idaho.

Back in 2011, the FDA sued the dairy that allegedly sent cows to slaughterhouses with high levels of chemicals in their meat - levels that did not meet federal food safety standards, making the food unsafe.

This is but one case of illegal amounts of drug residue found in dairy cow meat.  The alarming truth is that dairy cows are routinely given massive doses of bovine growth hormone, high-powered antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and other drugs to treat diseases that farmed animals develop as a result of their deplorable living conditions, including being used as living milk production machines, as is the case with dairy cows.  An example of other dairy violations found is included in the FSIS chart below.  And, here is an article on High Drug Residues Found at California Meat and Dairy Operations

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of farmed animals get tested.  How can we be sure that unsafe levels of drug residues are not getting into our food supply?  The answer is that we can't.  But, never mind "unsafe levels".  Do you want your children consuming any of these drugs and pesticides on a regular basis?

This issue presents yet another valid argument to adopt a plant-based diet.  Individuals (vegans and many vegetarians) who do not consume any animal products eliminate or greatly reduce their risk of exposure to drug residues, even the so-called "safe levels", found in meat and dairy.

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Infographic Source and Article:  Got Milk? Got Drugs? Got Both?:  State Responds After Idaho Dairy Cattle Test Positive in Food Safety Tests - High Levels of Antibiotics and Other Drugs Found in Cattle Linked to Dairies

Adam Rosenlund

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