Infographic: Foods That Contain Calcium

The first question that vegans and vegetarians typically get asked is:  where do you get your protein?

And, when people discover that a vegan diet does not include any dairy products (the "best" well-known source of calcium), the second question is:  where do you get your calcium?

The fact is that many plant based foods (such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds) contain calcium, as this infographic entitled "Foods that Contain Calcium" amply illustrates.

For example, the following is the amount of calcium found in the following foods:

  • One ounce of roasted sesame seeds contains 277 mg (28% Daily Value)
  • A cup of cooked spinach contains 245 mg (24% Daily Value)
  • A cup of cooked kale contains 93.6 mg (9% Daily Value)
  • 22 almonds (about one ounce) contains 74 mg (7% Daily Value)
  • A cup of raw broccoli contains 34.1 mg (3% Daily Value)
  • One avocado contains 24.1 mg (2% Daily Value)

Most vegans, who typically eat a wide variety and relatively large amounts of different types of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, probably get all of the calcium they need from plant-based sources.

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