Infographic: The Impact of Poor Health

This infographic entitled "The Impact of Poor Health" contains some interesting statistics about global life expectancy, infant mortality rates, healthcare spending versus achievement, and the impact of cost of living on health, as well as some information on the consequences of a poor diet on health.

The infographic includes information on lifestyle choices that have the consequence of poor health on our body.  These include:

Poor Diet
Poor Oral Health
Alcohol Consumption
Lack of Sleep
Lack of Physical Exercise

While many people in poor countries often do not have the luxury of making healthier lifestyle choices, here in the U.S. and in other developed countries, we do.  We have access to information, a nutritious diet, clean water, medicine and work schedules that permit us to engage in regular physical activity.

Being so lucky, we should take advantage of and make good use of our good fortune.

How to Live Better and Longer

Infographic Source: Solstice Medicine Company

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