Infographic: National Vegetarian Month

Anyone interested in or looking into the world of vegetarianism will soon discover that there are different kinds of vegetarians.  So, what is a Lacto-Ovo, Lacto or Ovo Vegetarian?  What about a Vegan, Fruititarian or Pescatarian?

This infographic entitled "National Vegetarian Month" answers those questions and provides many other interesting facts and statistics concerning certain aspects of plant-based diets and the individuals who follow them.  For example:
  • 20% (or 75,000 million) of the world's population is vegetarian by choice while nearly 1.5 billion do not meat because they cannot afford to do so.
  • In the United States, just over 3% (or 7.3 million) American adults are vegetarians and, of that:
59% are women and 41% are men
42% are age 18 to 24
40.7% are age 35 to 54
17.3% are over 55
10.8% have been vegetarian 2 to 5 years
18% have been vegetarian 5 to 10 years
57% have been vegetarian for 10 years or more

The average cholesterol range for omnivores and vegetarians is:

160 to 210 points for meat eaters (omnivores)
133 to 161 points for vegetarians (except vegans)
133 or less for vegans

There are four primary reasons why individuals choose to be vegetarians:

54% are concerned about animal welfare
53% for improved overall health
47% have environmental concerns
25% for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance

Vegetarian infographic published by Retail Me Not
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