Infographic: Portion Control

We gain weight because we overeat the wrong type of food.  The super-sized meals that are served in most restaurants and offered at just about every fast food place have become the "new normal" in terms of serving size.  When trying to lose weight, controlling portions of low nutrient, high calorie foods is key.  But, how many people know what a portion of meat, fish, poultry, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, nuts, snacks or butter looks like?

This infographic illustrates what a portion of various foods (both healthy and unhealthy) looks like using the thumb and the palm(s) of your hand as a guide.  The chart is simple and easy to remember and very useful, especially when you are eating out.  Before digging into that meal, take a few minutes to study the amount of food that is on the plate and compare it with your hand(s).  

Infographic Source:  Unknown (please contact me if you are the creator(s) for proper credit)

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