Infographic: Steak vs. Beans

Most of us in the United States grew up being taught that "quality protein" only comes from meat and dairy products and that we need to eat lots and lots of this "quality protein" in order to grow up big, strong and healthy, and to be smart.

And so we did ... we ate lots and lots of this "quality protein" and, here we are:  big (both vertically and horizontally ... as in FAT), weak and sick.

And, although countless scientific studies and research projects have shown time and again that consumption of animal protein (particularly in the amounts we are accustomed to) is linked to a higher BMI, being overweight or obese and higher risks for numerous diseases, we continue to ignore the findings in those studies and we continue to grow bigger and sicker.

That doesn't make us very smart, like we were promised, does it?  Especially, when one considers that we are paying more (at the market, in taxes to subsidize factory farms, and in health care) to be sick and fat.

I came across this infographic and it speaks volumes to this very topic.  If you are interested in losing weight or improving your health, consider opting for the real quality protein - the protein that comes from plant-based sources, such as beans.

Infographic source unknown - if you are the creator(s) please contact me for credit.

Foods that Pack a Protein Punch

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