Infographic: The Unhappy Meal

This infographic entitled "The Unhappy Meal" reaffirms what all of us already know: consumption of fast food is bad for our physical health and adds inches of belly fat to our waistlines.

That said, recent research suggests that there may be a link between over-consumption of fast food and mental health, namely bad moods, anxiety, hyperactivity and depression.  This is thought to be the case because fast foods generally lack omega-3 fatty acids, are combined with refined carbohydrates (sugar) and contain a large amount of preservatives, artificial coloring and other additives.  Not surprisingly, all these factors appear to impact our mental health.

The infographic offers suggestions for "healthier" options when fast food cannot be avoided like opting for a veggie burger, grilled instead of fried chicken, a salad or unsweetened iced tea instead of soda.  These are valid recommendations.  Unfortunately, many (most?) Americans have no self-control when they get into the proximity of fast food.  So, why not just avoid it altogether?

Your mental health may depend on it!

Infographic:  The Long Term Effects of That Fast Food Meal
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