Infographic: Veganism Debunked

Even as more people embrace the vegan lifestyle, veganism continues to be misunderstood.

This infographic entitled "Digest This:  Veganism Debunked" answers and addresses some of the common questions, myths and misconceptions about what it means to be a vegan, including what a vegan eats and spends on food, and how vegans compare to omnivores in the health arena.  Some highlights from this infographic include:

Vegans who ascribe to a whole food, healthy diet get more than adequate amount of protein from plant-based sources
Vegans have a lower average BMI than meat-eaters
Vegans have a lower average cholesterol and triglycerides count than meat eaters
On the average, vegans spend less money on food than meat eaters

Infographic via Ethical Ocean - eco friendly products, fair trade and vegan shopping.
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