Infographic: What Does Organic Really Mean?

What Does Organic Really Mean?
Organic versions of various foods are becoming more widely available.  Those who argue against organic food say that its expensive.  Yes, it is usually slightly more expensive because organic food farmers do not receive government subsidies and organic farming is much more labor intensive and not as cost effective as food produced on huge factory farms.

However, as this infographic entitled "What Does Organic Really Mean" points out, organic food is free from:

✔ pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetic modification, ionizing radiation (in the case of fruits and vegetables)

✔ antibiotics, growth hormones and non-organic feed (in the case of meat and dairy products).
Common sense would dictate that the higher costs of organic is well worth it to our health.  And, as more people buy organic products and support local farmers, the costs will continue to go down.

Source:  loku

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