Infographic: A World of Burger

anatomy-big-mac hamburgerThis infographic entitled "A World of Burger" contains some interesting facts about America's favorite food:  the hamburger or cheeseburger.  Fortunately, the creator(s) of this infographic included information about how much fat, including saturated and trans fat, calories and sodium are contained in burgers and what the recommended daily caloric and trans fat intake is.   Just glancing at the caloric content of some of America's favorite hamburgers should tell you that if you want to lose weight, including belly fat, you have to avoid eating burgers.

The infographic also points out that red meat consumption has been linked to colon cancer, diabetes and being overweight.  Of course, being overweight or obese carries with it risks for other diseases, illnesses and medical conditions, like heart attack, stroke, cancer, joint pain.

There is also a little reminder that McDonald's burgers and fries do not decompose for up to (over?) 180 days.  If you are curious why and what is really in the fast food you eat, see Infographics:  Deconstructing Fast Food.

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Source:  WeightLossForAll

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