Infographic: Your Life in Minutes

I decided to include this infographic entitled "Your Life in Minutes - Daily Activities that Add or Subtract Years from Your Life" for the following two reasons:

Eating Meat versus Fruits and Vegetables

According to this infographic, eating just one portion of red meat subtracts 30 minutes from your life while eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables adds 2 hours.   I agree with this and recent studies support it.  People in general but vegans and vegetarians in particular who eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are generally healthier and a lower risk for various diseases.  However, recent research shows that "white" meat (i.e., chicken) may be potentially more detrimental to one's health than red meat.  Hence, personally, I would include one portion of any animal flesh (beef, pork, poultry, fish) as taking 30 minutes off of your life.

Being Sedentary versus Active

According to the infographic, watching two hours of TV subtracts 30 minutes from your life while the first 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity adds 1 hour, and the next 40 minutes of cardio adds another 30 minutes.   I also agree with this because study after study has shown that engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise is beneficial to both health and weight loss.

How to Live Better and Longer

Infographic Source:  Men'sHealth

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