Infographic: America's Fast Food Obsession

This infographic entitled "America's Fast Food Obsession" illustrates how the fast food industry expanded into an empire of tens of thousands of franchises and outlets around the world selling billions of burgers.

The infographic includes a timeline showing when various well-known franchises (Dairy Queen, KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald's, etc.) were established and highlights some key events in the expansion of these corporate giants.

Statistics and other facts are also given.  For example:

Sales Figures

The sales figures of McDonald's and Yum! Brands in 1976, 2002, 2005 and 2008.  McDonald's went from selling "only" $3 Billion in 1976 to a whopping $23.5 Billion in 2008.  Here its interesting to note the rate of escalation from 2002 onwards!


The prices of McDonald's hamburger, fries and Big Mac then and now (adjusted for inflation).  Seems that a hamburger is cheaper now!

The average markup for soft drinks (1200%) and for fries (500%) ... Wow!

Average Daily Calorie Intakes

The average American takes in 3.760 calories a day, while only burning 1,850 per day!  (That just might explain the obesity epidemic in the United States.)

Calorie Breakdown of a Few Typical Fast Food Meals

McDonald's = 2,270 calories
Big Mac = 540
Large Fries = 570
Large Chocolate Shake:  1,160

Burger King = 2,200 calories
Whopper:  760
Large Fries:  500
Large Chocolate Shake:  960

Dairy Queen = 2,300 calories
1/2 Pound Classic Burger with Cheese:  840
Large Fries:  500
Large Blizzard:  1000+

Taco Bell = 1,020 calories
Big Chicken Burrito:  460
Potato Nuggets:  280
Large Pepsi:  280

KFC = 1,040 calories
3 Pieces of Chicken:  600
Potato Wedges:  260
Coleslaw:  180

Caloric Intake Timeline 1971 to 2000

The carb increase for men and women and the increase in the prevalence of obesity in the United States (from 14.5% to 30.9%)

Who Loves Fast Food?

According to this Infographic:

54% of fast food consumers have an annual household income of under $49,000

Low household income families have a 50% obesity rate

The Long-Term Effects of That Fast Food Meal
The Unhappy Meal
Deconstructing Fast Food

Infographic Source:  Unknown - please contact me for credit.  Illustration & Design by Ellie Koning.

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