Infographic: How Happy is the Meal You're Paying For?

For those of us who are parents, we know how impressionable young children can be.  Even as we go to great lengths to teach them the importance of eating healthy, wholesome food, corporate food giants like McDonald's, undermine our best efforts by marketing fast food meals to our children.

This infographic entitled "How Happy is the Meal You're Paying For?" traces the origins of the Happy Meal, provides some troubling statistics on childhood obesity, and explains how McDonald's (the world's largest distributor of toys!) uses toys as marketing incentives to target and encourage children to choose specific menu items.

It also gives some details concerning the San Francisco Healthy Food Ordinance, which banned toy giveaways with children's meals, unless those meals met certain nutritional standards.  Not surprisingly, the Happy Meal failed to meet those standards so McDonald's got around it by charging a mere 10 cents for the toys.

The infographic points out that in the face of criticism and public pressure, McDonald's has committed to changing the nutritional content of the Happy Meal.  Lowering the fat and sodium content and adding a fruit cup may make the meal healthier.  But, it will still be fast food. And, so long as the toys will continue to be a part of the marketing to children campaign, kids will continue to choose those meals.

The Long-Term Effects of that Fast Food Meal
The Unhappy Meal

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Infographic Source:  FrugalDad

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