Infographic: How to Lose Belly Fat Part I

How to Lose Belly Fat - Part I [Infographic] from Super Skinny Me
This infographic entitled "How to Lose Belly Fat" is by Super Skinny Me and is, by far, the best infographic which addresses various factors that are instrumental in both belly fat loss and gain.  Highlights include:

Stress which promotes abdominal fat storage by producing cortisol

Age (particularly in post-menopausal women) affects fat distribution, increases cortisol and belly fat

Smoking has been linked to deeper belly fat because nicotine inhibits fat loss from the belly

Alcohol is high in sugar and empty calories but binge drinking has been specifically associated with belly fat gain.  Alcohol also keeps the liver busy processing toxins instead of fat

Carbohydrates that are refined or highly processed are high in calories and low in fiber, preventing weight loss and contributing to overall weight gain, including belly fat

Trans and Saturated Fat increase total body and belly fat

Junk Food (which includes Processed and Fast Food) is high in refined carbs, saturated and trans fats and, of course, calories - these foods are major contributors to the overweight and obesity epidemic in the United States

Sugar stimulates fat to be deposited primarily in the belly by causing blood sugar spikes and higher insulin levels

Crash and Fad Diets trigger starvation mode and slow down metabolism, causing more efficient storage of fat and reducing or preventing fat burning

Exercise (particularly cardio and strength training) and general physical activity promote overall weight loss, including belly fat

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Infographic source and further information at:  Super Skinny Me

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