Infographic: Long Term Weight Gain Foods

This infographic entitled "Long Term Weight Gain Foods" illustrates nine foods or food groups that cause us to be overweight or obese.

The top three are french fries, potato chips and sugary drinks (sodas and soft drinks).  Be aware that diet and low-calorie sodas promote weight gain just as much as their non-diet counterparts.

Next comes red and processed meats, other potato sides, and sweets and desserts.  Notice that the picture of the meats includes chicken.  Poultry has been marketed as being a healthier and weight loss friendly alternative to red meat.  This is simply not true, as I will explained in another post.

At the bottom are refined grains, packaged juices (commercial fruit juice) and butter.  Here it is important to note the distinction between refined and unrefined grains, aka carbohydrates.

Thanks to the popularity of certain high-protein diets, all carbohydrates have been lumped together and villainized.  Sadly, many people have been misled to believe that all carbs promote weight gain.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  While refined grains (simple carbs) do contribute to weight gain, unrefined grains (complex carbs) have been shown to play a key role in weight loss.

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