Infographic: The Real Causes of Your Belly Fat

This excellent infographic entitled "What's Really Behind Your Belly Fat?" sets out 15 things that either cause belly fat and/or prevent you from losing it.

Many of the reasons mentioned are important for everyone struggling with stubborn belly fat, but may provide especially valuable clues to those individuals who are slender or in a normal weight range and yet can't seem to lose the extra weight around their tummy.

Some highlights include:

Wrong Eating for Your Body Type
Incorrect Exercise for Your Body Type
Incorrect Exercise Pattern
Low Potassium Foods
Poor and Inadequate Sleep
Environmental Hormone Mimickers
Dieting over Cravings or Hunger
Wrong Protein Consumption
Poor Enzyme Consumption
Hidden Fluid Retainers
Gland Inhibitors
Hidden Sugars
High Stress Equals High Cortisol
Eating for Calorie Reduction and Not Health

Infographic Source:  Dr. Klinton Kranski, DC, ACN

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