Infographic: 10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes [Infographic]
In your effort to lose weight and get that flat stomach, you have tried every diet, supplement and exercise gadget on the planet.  Sometimes, a few (or more pounds) come off only to come right back.

There are so many diets and dieting products on the market and so much conflicting information about weight and belly fat loss that you might rightfully be feeling confused and frustrated.  And, in the midst of all of this, you might be making some simple, basic mistakes without even realizing it.

This infographic entitled "10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes" can help you identify some of the reasons why your weight loss efforts have been unsuccessful.  These include:

1.  Focusing only on the total calories consumed

2.  Trying to out exercise a bad diet

3.  Attempting to lose weight too fast

4.  Avoiding weightlifting (or strength training)

5.  Consuming "diet" foods and drinks

6.  Taking weight loss supplements

7.  Cutting fat out of your diet

8.  Focusing on weight loss over fat loss

9.  Focusing on setbacks

10.  Making excuses

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Infographic Source:  Free Fitness Tips

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