Infographic: 5 Weight Loss Mistakes

Are you eating all of the right foods and drinking all of the right beverages and yet the weight is not coming off?  Maybe its not the food you eat but how and when you eat it that is sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

This infographic entitled "5 Weight Loss Mistakes" illustrates five of the most common dieting mistakes, explains how they interfere with weight loss and offers practical solutions.

Highlights include:

Mistake #1:  Eating Large Meals 3 Times a Day.

Mistake #2:  Letting 5 or More House Pass Between Meals

Mistake #3:  Lack of Protein at Every Meal

Mistake #4:  Eating Quickly and Barely Chewing Your Food

Mistake #5:  Drinking During Meals

10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes
10 Tips for Guaranteed Weight Loss

Infographic Source:  Xtreme Wellness

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