Infographic: Sitting Disease - How Sitting Too Long Can Affect Your Health

This infographic entitled "Sitting Disease - How Sitting Too Long Can Affect Your Health" contains some startling facts about sitting and lack of activity or exercise and associated health concerns in the United States.  Highlights include:

✔ 1 in 2 Americans sits 6+ hours per day
✔ The average persons spends 9.3 hours sitting each day
✔ 2 in 3 Americans watch 2+ hours of TV per day
✔ Men who watch 3+ hours of TV per day have a 64% higher chance of dying from a heart attack
✔ With each hour of sitting, the risk increases by 11%
✔ 80% of jobs require no physical activity
✔ From 1980 to 2000, sitting has increased by 8%
✔ 1 in 10 premature deaths worldwide is caused by lack of exercise (that's as many as from smoking!)

☤ Common health conditions associated with too much sitting include:

● Neck and back pain
● Hip pain
● Degenerative disc disease
● Cancer
● Poor balance and mobility
● Heart disease
● Stroke
● Diabetes
● Muscle stiffness

What you can do:

✔ Decrease daily sitting:  sitting under 3 hours a day increases lifespan by 2 years
✔ Walk 10 minutes for every one hour of sitting
✔ Stand up every 15 minutes
✔ Sit on an exercise ball
✔ Adjust your office desk to stand while working
✔ Turn off the TV

Further Reading:
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Infographic Source:  Julien Vaisman, MD, Pain and Wellness Center

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