Infographic: Baby Boomers Healthcare Boom

This infographic, entitled "Baby Boomers Healthcare Boom" illustrates some startling statistics about the state of health and wellness of 26% of the U.S. population:  individuals born from 1946 to 1964 who we refer to as Baby Boomers, i.e., seniors.

According to the infographic, 60% of American adults age 50 to 64 suffer from at least one chronic condition, while the average American over the age of 65 suffers from multiple (two or more) of chronic conditions, such as:

✔ 72% have Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

✔ 51% have Arthritis

✔ 31% have Heart Disease

✔ 24% have Cancer

✔ 20% have Diabetes

Additionally, according to the infographic:

✔ 40% of Baby Boomers have some form of Cardiovascular Disease, such as COPD or Emphysema

✔ 50% of Baby Boomers age 55 to 64 have high blood pressure, a major heart attack and stroke risk factor

2 in 5 Baby Boomers are Obese

The infographic offers some suggestions on how Baby Boomers can prepare for the future including getting regular check-ups, addressing safety concerns, considering home care services and discouraging unhealthy habits such as smoking cessation and not eating "bad" foods (high-cholesterol foods, etc.).

While all of these suggestions are valid, the latest scientific research indicates that many of these chronic medical conditions are not only preventable, but may even be reversible, by simply adopting a a whole-food, plant based diet.

There are many online resources and excellent books about disease, aging and plant-based diets.  Links to this information are given throughout this blog.

Infographic Source:  Concordia University-Saint Paul

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