Infographic: Know Your Food Labels - What Are You Eating?

Food Labels - What Are You Eating?
Organically grown fruits and vegetables are as much as 25% more nutritious.  Just as importantly, organic produce is also safer for consumption because it is not treated with synthetic insecticides and herbicides and is not grown in nutrient-depleted soil that has been treated with chemical fertilizers.

Additionally, organic produce cannot be grown from genetically modified or engineered seeds.

Organic produce grown according to strict government standards often bears the USDA Organic Label.

You can also identify organic, GMO (genetically modified) or GE (genetically engineered) and conventionally grown crops by their 4 or 5 digit numerical code located on the bar label.

This infographic entitled "Know Your Labels What Are You Eating" provides a simple guide to understanding the digit code on the label.

USDA Certified Organic
You should also look for the USDA Organic Label.  Although not all organic farmers and organic food producers use this label, most do.

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