Picture of the Day: Going to McDonald's for a Salad ...

"Going to McDonald's for a salad is like going to a whorehouse for a hug"  

McDonald's Premium Salads contain anywhere from 4 to a whopping 22 grams of fat and as much as 870 mg of sodium.  22 grams of fat is 33% of your daily RDA, while 870 mg of sodium is 36% of your daily RDA.  The two worst salads:

Premium Bacon Ranch Crispy Chicken Salad:
390 calories
26 grams of protein
22 grams (33% RDA) of fat
6 grams (29% RDA) of saturated fat
70 mg (23% RDA) of dietary cholesterol
870 mg (36% RDA) of sodium

Premium Southwest Crispy Chicken Salad:
450 calories
23 grams of protein
21 grams (33% RDA) of fat
4.5 grams (21% RDA) of saturated fat
50 mg (17% RDA) of dietary cholesterol
820 mg (34% RDA) of sodium.

Does McDonald's use organic produce in its salads?  Most probably not because, if they did, they would surely advertise and tout that fact.

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Image Source:  Unknown, please contact me for credit.

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