Infographic: Healthy Food Swaps [Healthy Wellness Warrior]

This infographic entitled "Healthy Wellness Warrior Swap This for That" offers suggestions for swapping out 11 common unhealthy foods for much healthier and more nutrient dense (yet tasty) alternatives.

The infographic also provides excellent reasons to make these swaps in your diet - whether your motivation is for generally improving your health, preventing or reversing disease, weight loss, or all of the three.

Recommendations in this infographic include swapping:

✔ Cow's Milk for Nut Milk

✔ Chocolate for Raw Cacao

✔ Soft Drinks (Soda)  for Coconut Water

✔ Coffee for Dandelion & Chicory Root Tea

✔ Canola Oil for Coconut Oil

✔ White Pasta for Mung Bean, Black Bean, Brown Rice of Quinoa Pastas

✔ White Rice for Brown Rice
White Bread for Rye, Spelt, Oat or other Whole Grain Bread

✔ Cow Cheese for Nut Cheese

✔ White Sugar for Natural Sweeteners (Maple Syrup, Coconut Nectar, Yacon Syrup, Honey, Stevia)

✔ Conventional Desserts for Raw Desserts

Infographic Source: The Wellness Warrior
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