Infographic: Top 10 Foods for a Speedy Metabolism

There are many reasons why you may have a sluggish metabolism. These include stress, certain medications, toxins, aging, inadequate hormone levels, hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, eating too many unhealthy fats, lack of exercise and not getting enough calories.

Most fitness experts agree that the best way to speed up a slow metabolism is to increase your lean muscle mass through exercise such as weight lifting and resistance training.

Certain foods are also thought to help speed up metabolism.  This infographic illustrates ten such foods and provides a brief explanation how each food works to boost your metabolic rate:

❤ Broccoli
❤ Citrus Fruits
❤ Fish
❤ Greeb Tea
❤ Hot Peppers
❤ Low Fat Yogurt
❤ Oatmeal
❤ Spices
❤ Spinach
❤ Water


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