Infographic: Fat Burners

Infographic: Fat Burners
If you ever visit and spend some time perusing a bodybuilding website, you will quickly discover that body builders really know their way around optimal weight loss and fat burning strategies.

While the actual diets of bodybuilders and serious and/or professional athletes vary greatly (for example, some are vegetarian or vegan, like Jim Morris and Amanda Riester), they all seem to achieve the same great results: strong bodies with lots of lean muscle mass and only the essential amount of body fat.

Although their dietary and exercise programs may differ, many (most?) bodybuilders and athletes make use of fat burners - usually a combination of several referred to as fat-burning stacks. Here again, opinions vary and change over time as new scientific discoveries in sports nutrition and fitness are made.  Right now, however, there appears to be a strong consensus that certain supplements are ideal for inclusion in optimal fat-burning stacks, as this Infographic entitled "Fat Burners" illustrates:

✔ Fish Oil
✔ CLA (example: Tonalin CLA)
✔ Green Tea Extract
✔ Carnitine (example: Liquid L-Carnitine)
✔ Caffeine
✔ Capsaicin
✔ Fucoxanthin

It should be noted that these supplements are taken by athletes in combination with highly disciplined and vigorous workout routines and well thought-out diets.  It is always advisable to do your own research and check with a qualified health practitioner before taking any supplements or embarking on a diet or exercise program, particularly if you are overweight, obese or have certain medical conditions.

Infographic Source and Link to Article: - Don't Give Fat a Chance

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