Infographic: Environmental Health 101

In our modern, high-tech, advanced world, every day we are exposed to hundreds of industrial chemicals and toxic substances.

Many of us do not even realize this or tend to underestimate just how much the cumulative effects of such exposure may impact our health and may, in fact, create or contribute to a variety of serious health problems - everything from increased risk of cancer, hormonal imbalances, reproductive problems to obesity and weight gain.

As more and more of these chemicals are finally actually being tested and evaluated as to their impact on human health, science is just now beginning to learn about the potential health risks of such long-term exposure.

In order to minimize the risks, it is very important to learn about and understand how toxins in the environment, in our food, drinking water, medicine, personal hygiene products, household cleaners and other devices we use or objects we come into contact with on a regular basis affect the delicate balance and functions of our bodies.

This infographic entitled Environmental Health 101 illustrates and explains some of the ways in which we are exposed to chemicals and toxic substances, the impact and result of such exposure and how we can protect ourselves.

Ways to Reduce Exposure to Cancer Causing Agents
Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products
The Food Industry's Most Evil Ingredients
The Truth About Food Additives
Carcinogens in Meat, Poultry, Fish and Dairy
The New American Plate for Weight Loss, Cancer and Disease Prevention

Infographic Source, further information and resource:  BeautyCounter - Environmental Health and Safety

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