Vegetables and Physical Activity - The Ultimate Way to Fitness [Infographic]

Health Infographic: Vegetables and Physical Activity
from Fitness Health Zone
One of the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight quickly is to combine a diet abundant in a variety of vegetables and fruits with plenty of physical activity.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in important vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients that are essential to good health and to the proper functioning of vital organs and body systems, such as the heart, kidneys and liver.  The antioxidants, phytochemicals and other nutrients in fruits and vegetables have been linked to many protective health benefits and to a lower risk for an array of chronic diseases including stroke, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and obesity.

Most vegetables and many fruits are excellent sources of dietary fiber, which aids in weight loss and healthy weight management.  Most vegetables and many fruits are also naturally low in calories and fats.  The fats in fruits and vegetables are considered the healthy types of fats that are we should be eating in moderation on a daily basis for optimal health, including brain health.

Mounting research indicates that when a diet is mainly plant based, i.e., rich in vegetables and fruits, and is combined with regular physical activity, many wonderful things begin to happen.

The body begins to naturally detox and lose weight and healing of many different types of medical conditions begins or is aided and supported.

This wonderful Infographic illustrates some of the many health benefits of combining vegetables and physical activity and includes suggestions for some types of exercises and activities that are thought to be especially beneficial.  It also gives some examples of how many calories are burned during various physical activities such as walking, weight training and stretching.

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Infographic Source, full view of image and more information at:
Fitness Health Zone - Vegetables and Physical Activity
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