Daily Water Chart [Infographic]

Daily Water Chart Infographic from FullSpike.com
Drinking plain, clean (good quality) water is essential to optimal health and is especially important if you are trying to lose weight or belly fat.

Adequate hydration is linked to weight loss in several ways:

✿ Some studies suggest that water consumption increases the metabolic rate, i.e., speeds up metabolism.

✿ Water cleanses your body of wastes and flushes out harmful toxins and toxic substances that are often found in our modern food supply and environment. Recent research indicates that toxicity contributes to being overweight and impedes weight loss.

✿ Drinking water between and about 30 minutes before meals helps to make you feel sated (full), and thereby consume less calories.

✿ Water also helps to dilute and eliminate excess salt (sodium) in the body, helping with general water retention and belly bloat.  On the other hand, individuals on a low-sodium diet who also drink a lot of water may actually need to add a little salt to their food or water.  Common table salt should be avoided; the best salts are natural sea salt and Himalayan pink salt.

How much water should I drink?

The old advise was eight glasses a day for an average adult.  But nutrition and fitness experts now recommend water intake based on factors such as weight, activity level and climate.  This infographic provides a general guideline based on weight.  If you are very active, exercise and sweat a lot, or live in a hot climate, you will most like need to drink more water.

Infographic source, a complete detailed Daily Water Chart for men and women, and further information at:  FullSpike.com - Daily Water Intake

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