Fad Diets [Infographic]

Fad Diets:  Green Tea, Cabbage Soup and Cranberry Juice [Infographic]
This infographic spotlights three popular past and still current "fad" diets (Green Tea, Cabbage Soup and Cranberry Juice), noting that fad diets are generally the types of diets which capture our attention with amazing but generally false promises of weight loss.

How do you spot false weight loss claims and misrepresentations?

Recently, there has been some buzz in the news about the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) crack down on misleading and/or patently false claims made by some companies about their weight loss products.

So far, the FTC has filed suit and/or accused the marketers of Sensa, HCG Direct Diet Drops and L'Occitane.

In the case of L'Occitane, the product in question is a "weight-loss" cream.

According to the FTC, any of the following statements are fake weight loss claims and dieters should be aware of any product (whether that is a food, beverage, supplement or something else) or a diet plan or program that makes these representations about a particular product or program:

✿ It causes a weight loss of two or more pounds a week without dieting or exercise

✿ It causes substantial weight loss for all users

✿ It causes substantial weight loss by wearing a product on the body or rubbing it into the skin

✿ It causes substantial weight loss no matter what or how much an individual eats

✿ It causes permanent weight loss even after the individual stops using the product or program

✿ It causes substantial weight loss by blocking the absorption of fat or calories

✿ It safely enables individuals to lose three or more pounds a week for four weeks or more

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