The Truth About Diets [Infographic]

The Truth About Diets [Infographic]
from WeightLoss.Org
Losing the stubborn belly fat almost always means generally losing weight.  With so many diets around - all promising spectacular results, and so much conflicting weight loss information and advise everywhere one looks, its easy to get confused about which diet programs actually work and which don't.

This infographic rates some of the popular diets and includes the focus, pros and cons, and effectiveness of each of diet.

The four diets receiving the highest score are Weight Watchers, South Beach, Mediterranean and Slimfast.

At the bottom of the list are the cabbage soup, chocolate and lemonade (master cleanse) diets.

The infographic also includes some interesting statics about the weight loss industry and dieting.  For example, did you know that the famous Atkins Diet is opposed by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the National Academy of Sciences and two other respected health organizations?

Or that extremely low calorie diets (including fasting, detoxing and cleanses) like the HCG Diet result in losing water and lean muscle, not fat?

The infographic also provides some sobering information about the percentage of dieters who regain weight - 60% regain weight after the diet has ended, almost 50% regain 75% of the total weight lost, and 20% (that's one in every five!) regain all (or even more) of the weight lost!

So, it seems that just about any diet will cause temporary weight loss - the more extreme and strict the diet is in terms of caloric intake and/or leaving out entire food groups, the more initial weight loss.

However, these types of diets are not effective in the long-term because they are not sustainable.  Some are even considered to be dangerous - increasing risk for cancer, heart and other chronic disease.

The only sure and safe way to lose the fat and keep it off requires making lifestyle changes, including limiting calories (from sugar, certain carbs and certain fats), increasing one's activity level (i.e., exercising regularly), managing stress, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep.

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