Fat to Flat Belly Little Helpers [Infographic]

Fat to Flat Belly Little Helpers Infographic
from CalorieCalc.net
This infographic entitled Flat Belly Little Helpers, is simple but makes a very  important point when it comes losing weight, including belly fat.

How much fat gets stored in the body depends on our food choices  - i.e., the type of food we eat.

While there is no one food or a group of foods that will magically melt the fat away, there are some foods that definitely should be avoided in a weight loss promoting diet.

The foods to avoid (not just for weight loss but for general health) are those that contain refined sugar, trans-fats and refined carbohydrates or simple carbs.

On the other hand, there are certain categories of foods (such as fruits and vegetables) and certain specific foods that are healthy choices in a weight reduction diet plan.

These weight loss friendly foods are summarized in the infographic and all of them (except for two) are already included in a healthy whole food vegan or vegetarian diet:

❤  Almonds
❤  Avocado
❤  Bananas
❤  Blueberries
❤  Cinnamon
❤  Flaxseed Oil
❤  Green Tea
❤  Grapefruit
❤  Leafy Greens
❤  Pistachios
❤  Olive Oil
❤  Peanut Butter
❤  Whole Grains

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Infographic source:  CalorieCalc.Net found on Visual.ly
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