Excess Body Weight Increases Cancer Risk [Infographic]

Excess Body Weight (Obesity, Overweight, Belly Fat) Increases Cancer Risk
Infographic from World Cancer Research Fund
According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), excess body weight (i.e., being overweight or obese and carrying excess weight around your waist aka belly fat) not only increases the risk for deadly pancreatic cancer but also plays a role in increasing the risk for other types of cancers including cancer of the breast, bowel, kidneys, gallbladder, esophegus and endometrium (womb lining).

Just how deadly is pancreatic cancer?  According to this WCRF infographic and information on its website, less than one in five individuals diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive the disease for more than a year post-diagnosis.

Amazingly, the WCRF states that about one in six cases of pancreatic cancer could be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices, including maintaining a healthy weight.

For more information on the relationship between excess weight and pancreatic cancer, go to Pancreatic Cancer - At a Glance.

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Infographic Source:
World Cancer Research Fund/Cancer Prevention
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