Exercise and Cancer Prevention [Infographic]

Exercise and Cancer "Make Time + Break Time = Cancer Protection"
Infographic from The American Institute for Cancer Research
What does exercise have to do with cancer?

According to the latest research and published studies, cancer needs anaerobic (absence of free oxygen) conditions to take a foothold, survive (grow) and thrive (spread).  

Inadequate oxygenation levels are influenced by a number of factors, including accumulation of toxins, infections, stress, trauma, a poor diet, improper breathing and lack of exercise.

Daily physical activity (or the lack thereof) in particular has recently been linked to an increase or a decrease in the risk for cancers.  Physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, not only oxygenates the body (including the brain) but it also helps to detoxify and restore pH balance in the body, as well as reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Suggested forms of aerobic exercise include walking, running, swimming, bicycling, hiking, dancing, rowing and cardio classes.  Inactive, older, pregnant individuals or those with heart disease or other health problems are advised to consult a qualified medical professional before starting an exercise program.

Infographic and more information and details regarding the new cancer prevention research, visit The American Institute for Cancer Research - Put the "Breaks on Cancer"

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