How to Burn More Calories Walking [Infographic]

How to Burn More Calories and Lose Weight Walking
Infographic from SuperSkinnyMe/Walking
Walking has become the new running.
Almost anyone can walk - even if very slowly or not too far or for not too long at first.  Walking doesn't require any special equipment.  It can be done practically anytime and almost anywhere - even at home in a relatively small space, following along to a DVD like the Belly Blasting Walk from Leslie Sansone.

It has been shown that walking confers all kinds of health benefits:

✿ It strengthens your heart
✿ It helps prevent type 2 diabetes
✿ It reduces the risk for certain cancers
✿ It helps improve cognitive function
✿ It relieves stress and anxiety
✿ It alleviates symptoms of depression
✿ It strengthens bones
✿ It increases metabolism
✿ It helps to build lean muscle mass
✿ It aids in weight loss including losing the toxic belly fat

As you get better at walking, you might want to increase intensity.  Doing so will increase the effectiveness of the walk, burn more calories and burn more belly fat!

This infographic entitled How to Burn More Calories Walking has numerous tips and suggestions on how to up the ante and turn a regular walk into a challenging workout.

Infographic source and for more information about fitness, health and weight loss, visit: SuperSkinnyMe - 14 Ways to Burn More Calories Walking and Lose Weight

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