TMC Face Mapping [Infographic]

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), practitioners "read" faces in order to detect and diagnose all kinds of diseases, medical conditions and health problems - a practice that has evolved over approximately 2000 years.  In TMC, it is believed that because facial skin is very sensitive, it can reflect internal changes faster than other changes appearing in or on other parts of the body.

The Face Mapping Infographic below summarizes some of the key facial clues about our state of health.  See also Detecting Nutritional Deficiencies.

Infographic source:  Matthew Kenney Cuisine
Found on:  One Part Gypsy - Health and Wellness Charts

If you are wondering why a celebrity chef is interested in TMC face mapping, the answer is simple. Thousands of scientific research papers and studies inform us that the food we eat has everything to do with our health.  While a diet replete with devitalized, processed and dead food has the ability to cause disease and destroy our health, a diet rich in clean, unprocessed, whole and live food has the power to prevent and even heal disease, restore good health and a higher quality of life.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) Face Mapping from Matthew Kenney Cuisine

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