Your Body on Sugar [Infographic]

Your Body on Sugar Infographic from
Sugar doesn't just promote weight gain, belly fat, overweight and obesity.  Perhaps more importantly, sugar is considered one of the top inflammatory foods in the SAD (Standard American Diet).  And, as we are hearing, inflammation is associated with a whole range of chronic diseases and health risks.

Processed sugar is everywhere and in everything, including in foods that are not normally associated with being sweet or containing sugar.  For example, sugar is used in large quantities in curing meat and is found in abundance in many deli meats (along with copious amounts of starch, salt and preservatives).

Due to its highly inflammatory effect on the body, medical doctors and health experts are strongly recommending that consumption of processed sugar (including high fructose corn syrup) should be severely curtailed and even eliminated from a healthy diet.

This simple, straight-forward infographic called "Your Body on Sugar" illustrates how too much sugar effects various parts of the body, including the brain, heart, skin, kidneys, joints and genitals.

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