Natural Cures Movement - Free Online Summit

Natural Cures SummitThe Natural Cures Summit is a free online event that will include 30 presentations by leading doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths and health experts on the subject of naturally healing with home remedies and natural cures.

The event will take place from October 6 -13, 2014.  Individuals who register will receive several free gifts, including a 228 page eBook, the Go Naked Cookbook, by Dr. Josh Axe (summit host) and Cynthia Pasquella.  For more information and to register, go to The Natural Cures Summit - note, we are not affiliated with this event.  Presenters and topics to be covered include:

Dr. Josh Axe
Natural Cures for Leaky Gut
  • What is leaky gut, the cause and the symptoms 
  • 4 Steps to cure leaky gut for good 
  • Top unknown supplements essential to heal leaky gut
Sayer Ji
Top 7 Miracle Herbs and Supplements
  • The herb that heals everything but death 
  • The evidence-based nutrition approach that works 
  • Secrets the cancer industry is hiding that could be your cure  
Dr. Joseph Mercola 
Take Control of Your Health and Insulin
  • The #1 hormone you MUST balance to cure yourself 
  • Most common nutrients you’re missing in your “healthy diet” 
  • Steps to overcome any health issue fast
Vani Hari 
How to Cure Yourself Despite Food Companies and Your Doctor
  • How to eat healthy and organic on a budget 
  • Where toxins are hiding in your pantry 
  • Shocking news about the food industry and what they’re hiding
Healing the Thyroid and Adrenals
  • The shocking truth about Iodine 
  • Steps to overcome thyroid conditions and autoimmune disease 
  • Best supplements for adrenals and thyroid
Donna Gates M. Ed., ABAAHP
Candida Cures
  • The surprising “health foods” causing candida 
  • How hormones effect candida 
  • Natural candida cures and diet
Katie (Wellness Mama)
The Coconut Oil Cure
  • Unknown natural cures using coconut oil 
  • 7 must have home remedies for healing 
  • How to detox your home and body 
Lauren Geertsen NTP
Autoimmune Disease Diet
  • The exact steps to overcome autoimmune disease 
  • The foods and factors that cause autoimmune disease 
  • Top natural supplements to heal autoimmune disease fast
The Healing Power of Your Mind and Emotions
  • How to control your emotions and enter a supernatural healing state 
  • Meal timing and how it influences everything 
  • How to boost your self esteem with food
Trudy Scott CN
Healing Mood Disorders with Food
  • The nutrient deficiencies that cause anxiety, depression and bipolar 
  • The brain-gut connection and cure 
  • Best foods to balance brain chemistry
Erin Elizabeth
Natural Cures for Lyme Disease
  • How to naturally heal yourself from Lyme disease 
  • The best Lyme foods and supplements that actually work 
  • A step-by-step Lyme treatment plan for fast results
Dr. Steven Masley
Heart Disease Natural Cures
  • Top 5 foods to heal heart disease 
  • 6 essential supplements for cholesterol and blood pressure 
  • Delicious recipe ideas to heal your heart issues
Dr. Brian Mowll DC
Reverse Diabetes in 30 Days or Less
  • Different strategies and causes for Type 1 and Type 2 
  • The 5 healing foods to reverse diabetes 
  • Top supplements and herbs to balance blood sugar
Dr. Peter Osborne DC
Metabolism Cures
  • How hormones and digestion effect weight loss 
  • Biggest exercise mistakes 90% of people are making 
  • Nutrient deficiencies that must be cured to lose body fat
Dr. David Hill
Healing with Essential Oils
  • What are essential oils and how they cure disease 
  • 7 must have essential oils to have in your medicine cabinet 
  • The top essential oils to heal hormones, digestion and autoimmune disease
Deanna Minich PhD, CNS
How to Heal from 21st Century Diseases
  • The REAL cause of auto-immune disease, chronic pain and fatigue 
  • How to detox both your body and mind 
  • The best and worst foods for healing from chronic illness
Kristen Michaelis
Natural Remedies for Pregnancy and Infertility
  • Natural remedies for pregnancy 
  • How to have a healthy pregnancy with foods that taste great 
  • The must have nutrients most women are unaware of for healthy pregnancy
Dr. Jill Carnahan MD
Natural Cures for SIBO and IBD
  • What is functional medicine and why everyone needs it 
  • How your micro biome and genes affect your health 
  • Steps to heal SIBO and inflammatory bowel disease
Dr. Sara Gottfried MD
Natural Hormone Cures for Women and Men
  • The pink elephant in the room… why your hormones are out of whack 
  • Missing nutrients causing low male testosterone and high female estrogen 
  • Top 5 supplements to heal all hormone issues
George Bryant
The Paleo Diet Cure
  • An inspirational story of healing with a Paleo diet 
  • Grain-free recipe ideas that will help you heal and burn fat 
  • Kitchen secrets to make “health food” taste great
Detoxification and Cleansing Cures
  • How often and why should you detox 
  • How to detox your liver, colon and cells 
  • The cleansing protocol to reverse disease
Heather Dessinger
5 Must Have Home Remedies
  • Surprising home remedies for yourself and kids 
  • What herbs outperform medications 
  • Natural remedies for stress, digestion, immunity and beauty
Dr. Charles Majors DC
Top 10 Natural Cancer Treatments
  • How a doctor healed himself of cancer 
  • The cancer-free diet protocol 
  • Top herbs and supplements that kill cancer cells
Top 7 Healing Superfoods Everyone Should Eat
  • The top healing foods to eat everyday 
  • Delicious recipes ideas that cure your body 
  • Spiritual techniques to healing your mind, emotions and spirit
Dr. Amy Myers, MD
Healing with an Elimination Diet
  • The Cause of ALL disease today 
  • Foods that are just as bad or WORSE than gluten 
  • Natural steps to heal candida and leaky gut 
Alisa Vitti HHC
Natural Fertility Remedies and Treatment
  • The hidden causes of infertility 
  • Steps to overcome both male and female infertility 
  • The top supplements, foods and treatments to improve fertility
Natural Cures for Emotions, Anxiety and Depression
  • Overcome brain-hormone imbalance to cure mood disorders 
  • Crucial nutrients you must have to heal anxiety, depression and low self-esteem 
  • How to get out of the medical model and into functional medicine
Jenny McGruther
Healing with GAPS Diet
  • What is the GAPS diet and why it works 
  • How the GAPS diet heals the brain and gut 
  • Secrets to make GAPS recipes taste amazing, fast and easy
Bonuses (Gifts):

Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN 
Secrets to Overcoming Gluten Sensitivity
  • Why gluten is NOT bad for you… bad gluten is bad for you
  • How to tell if you have food sensitivities and what to do about it
  • How to heal from food intolerance and immune reactions
  • The best diet to help overcome gluten-sensitivity
Suzy Cohen, RPh 
Top 10 Natural Cures for Diseases you THINK you have
  • The most common drugs that deplete your body of vital nutrients
  • The 13 most common nutritional deficiencies you probably have
  • How to naturally cure the thyroid, gut and brain
  • How to improve absorption of vitamin B12 and magnesium
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