Magnesium Rich Foods for Better Health, Reduced Belly Fat [Infographic]

Top 10 Magnesium Foods
Infographic from Dr. Josh Axe
According to Dr. Josh Axe, "magnesium rich foods are essential for cellular health and over 300 biochemical functions in the body. Unfortunately, around 80% of American’s may have a magnesium deficiency and the majority of them don’t even know it!"

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is required by many major functions of the body including blood sugar control and energy metabolism.  It is thought that there is a connection between magnesium deficiency and abdominal obesity (i.e., belly fat).  If you are overweight or obese, and having problems losing weight, particularly belly fat, you might want to review your magnesium status and/or consult a qualified healthcare professional.

See:  Magnesium Deficiency and Belly Fat

Although there is a wide variety of supplements available on the market, Dr. Axe recommends increasing magnesium intake by consuming foods that are rich in magnesium, as this infographic illustrates.  Those foods include leafy greens, certain fruits, nuts, beans and seeds:

Pumpkin Seeds
Black Beans
Cacao (Dark Chocolate)

Infographic and for more information, visit:  Dr. Axe (Food is Medicine), Top 10 Magnesium Rich Foods Plus Proven Benefits.

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