How to Beat Belly Fat [Infographic]

How to Beat Belly Fat - Infographic from
As we all know, the overweight and obesity rates in the United States are sky-rocketing.

While being generally overweight or obese is deemed unhealthy, putting the individual at risk for a myriad of chronic diseases and lowering the quality of life, belly fat is considered particularly dangerous because it is within close proximity to the heart, liver, kidneys and other vital organs.  Toxic belly fat tissue feeds these organs toxins and interferes with their normal daily function.  Additionally, it induces the body to produce hormones that affect metabolism.

Numerous studies have found a high correlation between visceral abdominal fat and increase in the risk for life-threatening diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

This infographic entitled Beat Belly Fat from Popsugar illustrates and explains some of the strategies that can be used to lose belly fat.  These strategies include:

 Interval training

✿ Strengthening the core

✿ Getting in a minimum amount of 150 minutes of moderate intense physical activity every week

✿ Eating certain fruits and berries (papaya, pineapple, blueberries)

✿ Getting healthy fats (MUFAs) from whole foods (avocados, nuts) and olive oil (moderate amounts)

✿ Eating foods that are high in insoluble fiber (whole grains, almonds, carrots)

Other strategies include:

 Getting enough quality sleep

✿ Managing stress

Staying hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of pure, clean water

Infographic source and for more information on beauty, fitness and food, visit Popsugar - How to Beat Belly Fat.


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