Calories in Starbucks Coffee and Drinks [Infographic]

Calories in Starbucks Coffee
and Drinks [Infographic]
from I Love Coffee
Love your Starbucks Cafe Mocha or Green Tea Latte?  Feel that you might even be addicted?

It turns out that many of these types of drinks are laden with fat and sugar and that's why they taste so good, keep us craving them and coming back for more.

But, according to diet and weight loss experts, combining fat and sugar is one of the surest ways to gain weight, especially belly fat.

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This fat + sugar complications also leads to higher risks for chronic disease, such as diabetes.

Finally, the experts tells us to be very careful about drinking calories.  Drinking excessive calories is much easier and faster than eating them.  High calorie and high sugar drinks also spike blood sugar levels, which can lead to metabolic disorders.

All this doesn't mean you have to give up your Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha (if you are healthy and don't have weight to lose). But, some of these types of coffee and tea drinks should be thought of and consumed as deserts, as special treats on rare occasions - not something to drink on a daily basis.

Infographic source from I Love Coffee.

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