How To Reduce Your Muffin Top and Belly Fat [Infographic]

How to Reduce Your Muffin Top and Belly Fat
Tips and Strategies - Inforaphic from Fitness Republic
Belly Fat and Muffin Top Causes

Belly fat, belly bulge, visceral fat, muffin top ... fat accumulation in the mid-section is often the most difficult and challenging area of the body for most people.

In fact, it is estimated that over 50% of Americans are abdominally obese and that number keeps growing.

Some leading factors contributing to abdominal or belly fat including overeating, eating too much junk and processed foods, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep and being sedentary.

Other factors, like age, sex, heredity, hormones, stress and various health and medical conditions can also cause or contribute to belly fat gain and the formation of the muffin top.

Many types of illnesses, injuries and and chronic diseases, in turn, are often spurred on by overweight, obesity and belly fat.

It becomes a vicious circle.

Belly Fat and Muffin Tops are Stubborn

Even people who are successful at losing good amounts of body weight still often wrestle with abdominal fat or a muffin top.

There are a number of reasons why visceral abdominal fat deposits are so stubborn and difficult to lose.  The abdomen is often the first place we deposit fat and the last place from which the fat is removed by the body.  There are several physio-biological and anthropological reasons for why, how and where the body distributes and stores fat as well as how it and uses stored energy, i.e., how it burns fat.


This infographic entitled "Ways to Reduce Your Muffin Top" from Fitness Republic offers some practical tips and strategies for reducing and ultimately losing the belly fat, including addressing stress levels, sleep issues, dietary considerations and exercises.

Infographic source, to view a large version of the infographic and for lots of other good diet and weight loss information, please visit Ways To Reduce Your Muffin Top (Fitness Republic).

Whole Body and Health Approach

It should be emphasized that, generally, it is not possible to target and eliminate only the belly fat alone or by itself.  (Unless, of course, you resort to surgery or gimmicks which can be dangerous.)

Reducing and eliminating belly fat is part and parcel of a whole body fat loss approach.

Thus, for example, in addition to eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and the other lifestyle factors that influence weight gain and weight loss, you may also need to address a hormonal imbalance, metabolic syndrome, or some other medical condition with a qualified healthcare provider or professional.

With a holistic approach, dedication and persistence, the belly fat and muffin top will eventually reduce and finally be gone.


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