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Collection of articles and news stories relating to plant-based (vegan, vegetarian) diets, health, disease, obesity, weight loss, specific foods and ingredients and related matters.

Plant-Based Diets (Dr. Michael Greger M.D.)
12 Questions Answered Regarding Vitamin B12 (Dr. Thomas Campbell, MD; T. Collin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies)
"Say No to Meat" is the Apolitical Message from Experts - The Evidence Meat Kills Documentary (India New England News, August 2, 2017)
Genetic Mechanism Driving Obesity Identified (Technologist, November 10, 2015)
Being Normal Weight With Belly Fat More Deadly Than Obesity (CBS News, November 10, 2015)
Exploring the Paradox of Metabolically Healthy Obesity (Medical Press, November 9, 2015)
How Does a Vegan Diet Affect Your Performance as an Athlete?  (, November 9, 2015)
The Science Against Meat:  A Look at 5 Key Studies About Cancer Risk (Washington Post, October 27, 2015)
WHO (World Health Organization) Says Hot Dogs, Bacon Cause Cancer ... (Washington Post, October 26, 2015)
2015 Dietary Guidelines Commentary (Center for Nutrition Studies, May 4, 2015)
Research:  Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals (Expand Your Consciousness, March 18, 2015)
12 Questions Answered Regarding Vitamin B12 (Center for Nutrition Studies, February 6, 20150
Obesity Epidemic Fueling Rise in Type 2 Diabetes (Statesman Journal, September 4, 2014)
Study Links Potassium to Fewer Strokes in Older Women (U.S. News Health, September 4, 2014)
Obesity Raises Risk of 10 Common Cancers: Study (NZ Herald, August 19, 2014)
Newly Discovered Virus Linked To Obesity (Diabetes Health, August 18, 2014)
Cardiologist Champions Vegan Diet: James Cameron Goes Plant-Based ... (, August 18, 2014)
Understanding the Link Between Obesity, Cancer (AZ Daily Sun, August 18, 2014)
Antibiotics Early in Life May Boost Obesity Risk (MedPageToday, August 17, 2014)
Heart Disease Reversed by Plant-Based WholeFood Diets Proven Again (JasonShonBennet, August 17, 2014)
Grounding is a Key Mechanism by Which Your Body Maintains Health (Mercola, August 2, 2014)
Weight Loss May Reverse Basal-Like Breast Cancer (Food Consumer, August 1, 2014)
Gluten-Free for Weight Loss?  You're Doing More Harm Than Good: Study (Global News, July 31, 2014)
Is Your Gluten Intolerance Real?  Study says Gluten Sensitivity is Fake (Global News, May 14, 2014)
The Best Foods for Lowering Your Blood Pressure (U.S. News Health and Wellness, April 1, 2014)
Meat and Cheese as Bad for You as Smoking (Science Daily, March 4, 2014)
Fat Belly?  Diet Affects Where You Pack on Pounds (Live Science, February 28, 2014)
Dietary Intake of Flame Retardant Chemical Linked to Increased Obesity (Natural News, January 17, 2014)
Largest U.S. Weight-Loss Study Shows Long-Term Weight Control is Possible with Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI) (PR Newswire via The Sacramento Bee, January 14, 2014)
New Obesity Treatment Possible with Novel Protein (Medical News Today, January 11, 2014)
Almost 50% of People Hospitalized for the Flu are Obese (USA Today, January 10, 2014)
"Action on Sugar" Formed to Reverse Obesity Epidemic (New Food Magazine, January 9, 2014)
Obese Children Have Higher Hair Cortisol (MPR, December 20, 2013)
Protein Links Liver Cancer to Obesity, Alcoholism, Hepatitis (Laboratory Equipment, December 20, 2013)
Plant-Based Diets Better for Weight Loss (FoodConsumer; November 19, 2013)
Plant-Based Diets Promote Significant Weight Loss (Examiner, November 18, 2013)
Has it been Proven that a Vegetarian Diet is Really Healthier? (Bubble News, October 31, 2013)
5 Powerful Reasons to Eat a Plant-Based Diet: A Cardiologist Explains (Mind Body Green, October 30, 2013)
Documentary:  Grounded (Mercola; October 19, 2013)
Improved Test Scores for Vegetarian School in Queens (Ecorazzi, October 18, 2013)
New US Estimates Link Obesity to 18% of Deaths (Nursing Times, August 26, 2013)
Obesity Kills More Americans Than We Thought (CNN Health, August 15, 2013)
Existing Cropland Can Feed 4 Billion More People if Used Most Efficiently (Science World Report, August 2, 2013)
Research: Vegetarian Athletes Can Stay Competitive with Plant-Base Diets (News Medical, July 18, 2013)
Australian Government Touts Vegan Alternatives (VegNews, July 15, 2013)
Heart Meds vs. Plant-Based Diets:  Which Comes Out on Top? (One Green Planet, July 15, 2013)
Got Proof? Lack of Evidence for Milk's Benefits  (Dr. Hyman, July 5, 2013)
Its Official! Obesity Does Lead to Heart Related Probems (Zee News, June 26, 2013)
Evidence Supporting a Vegetarian Diet in Common Chronic Diseases, Faculty Peer Reviewed (Clinical Correlations, June 20, 2013)
Shifting to a Sustainable Health "Care" System is a Central Theme of the Inaugural North American Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference (Watchlistnews, June 18, 2013)
Want to Lower Your Food Costs?  Become a Vegetarian (Something Finance, June 7, 2013)
Vegetarian Dietary Patterns and Mortality in Adventist Health Study 2 (JAMA Internal Medicine, June 3, 2013)
Vegetarian Diet Good for Kidneys (Online News, June 2, 2013)
Everyone Can Benefit from "Living Naked", says Naked Food Magazine (Sacbee, May 29, 2013)
Vegetarian Diet May Protect Against Heart Disease and Cancer (New Fix, May 29, 2013)
Dietitian:  Overeating Assault on the Body (USA Today, May 28, 2013)
Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets (The Permanente Journal; Spring 2013)
Big Food Wants Final Say Over Health Reports (Care2; May 24, 2013)
The Many Benefits of a Whole Food Diet: An Interview with Co-Author of Whole (Sustainablog, May 24, 2013)
Plant-Based Diets for Multiple Sclerosis (NutritionFacts, May 21, 2013)
Plant-Based Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis (NutritionFacts, May 16, 2013)
Diet Changes that Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk (US News Health, May 15, 2013)
A Fitting Prescription for All: Whole Soyfoods as Part of a Varied Plant-Based Diet (Cancer Network, May 13, 2013)
Pets Protect Against Heart Disease, Obesity, Heart Experts Say (NY Daily News, May 10, 2013)
Flaxseeds for Prostate Cancer (Dr. Michael Greger, Care2, May 8, 2013)
Obesity Crisis: Researchers Shocked to Find Americans Continue to be Overweight and Not Exercising (Policymic, May 3, 2013)
Carnitine Confusion : What Does That Red Meat Study Really Mean? (Dr. Jonny Bowden; Huffpost Healthy Living, May 1, 2013)
Earth-Friendly Eating (Includes Interesting Facts About the Environmental Impact of Food Production) (Common Ground, May 2013)
Statistics: 55% of Population on Mainly Vegan Diet by 2020 Predict VegFest UK (RushPR News, April 25, 2013)
Run For Your Life:  Looking at Life From the Vegan Perspective (The Stylus, April 23, 2013)
Compound in Red Meat, Energy Drinks Linked to Heart Disease in Cleveland Clinic Research (Northwest Ohio, April 7, 2013)
'Vegan Rock Star' Says Getting Rid of Meat, Metals Can Prevent Alzheimer's (The Vancouver Sun, April 8, 2013)
Recipe for Health; Vegan Diet Key Ingredient Says London Nutritionist (PR Urgent; April 4, 2013)
Diet Explains Black Americans' High Stroke Risk (Clinical Endocrinology News; April 3, 2013)
Want to Help Prevent Parkinson's Disease? Avoid This. (Care2Com / Mr. Michael Greger MD, April 3, 2013)
Plant-Based Diet Can Prevent Over 60% of Chronic Disease Deaths (CE Collective, April 2, 2013)
5 Truths About Going Vegan (Delicious Living, April 1, 2013)
As World Meat Consumption Grows, US Appetite Wanes (Voice of America, April, 2013)
Plant-Based Diet - a Registered Dietitian's Perspective (Berry Ripe; March 28, 2013)
Dietary Fiber Can Help Thwart Stroke (Newsmax Health; March 28, 2013)
Redefining Normal (Food Policy) (The Plant-Based Dietitian, March 22, 2013)
Breast Cancer Patients who Eat Cheese, Yogurts or Ice Cream Could HALVE Their Chances of Survival (First Study Showing Strong Link Between Dairy and Breast Cancer)  (Mail Online, March 14, 2013)
Why I'm Vegan:  A Cardiologist Explains (MindBodyGreen, March 12, 2013)
Vegetarian and Vegan Diets Protect Against Cancers (FoodConsumer, March 11, 2013)
Changing Lives (Grand Traverse Insider, March 11, 2013)
Can a Plant-Based Diet Save Your Life? (Plant-Based Odyssey, March 7, 2013)
Why Go Plant-Based?  (Nourishment; March 6, 2013)
Golden Age of Nutrition - 150 Years Ago? (Repossible, March 6, 2013)
Plant-Based Diets and Gestational Diabetes (Today's Dietitian, March 2013 Issue)
Being Vegan:  This is a Social Justice Issue (Las Vegas Informer, March 2, 2013)
Want a Healthy Brain?  Go Vegan, Doc Says (Sun Sentinal, March 1, 2013)
Environment Footprint of Vegan and Vegetarian Diets 30% Lower Than Non-Vegetarian Diets, Say Researchers:  "We Have to drastically cut consumption of Meat and Dairy" (Food Navigator, February 28, 2013)
International Conference on Vegetarian Nutrition - Report Three (Spectrum, February 27, 2013)
Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.:  Response to the New England Journal of Medicine Article "Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet" (The Daily Beet, February 26, 2013)
Study:  Plant-Based Diets with Nuts and Virgin Olive Oil Can Reduce Risk of Heart Disease by 30% (PR Web; February 25, 2013)
We Are More Than What We Eat:  The Hidden Benefits of Eating a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet (Forks Over Knives, February 25, 2013)
Quorn Foods:  Plant-Based Diet Can Have Positive Effects on Fibromyalgia (PR Web, February 25, 2013)
Heart Attack Victim Says Plant-Based Diet Saved Her Life (Memorial Examiner)
Authors Re-Do Traditional Cookbook with Vegan Recipes (Betty Goes Vegan) (CBS Philly, February 24, 2013)
Vegetarian Diets and the Incidence of Cancer in Low Risk Population (US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health; February 22, 2013)
6th International Congress on #Vegetarian Nutrition at Loma Linda University Health to Showcase Latest Research on Plant-Based Diets and Health (PRWeb, February 22, 2013)
Eating Vegan More Popular Than Ever (Yale Daily News, February 22, 2013)
Horsemeat scandal has 'made consumers turn to vegetarian meals,' says Asda boss Andy Clarke (MailOnline, February 21, 2013)
Second Ivy League Vegan Conference is a Success (VegNews Daily, February 21, 2013)
Vegan in Cleveland?  How a Meat-Free Movement is Taking Root in a Meat-and-Potato Town (Freshwater Cleveland; February 21, 2013)
Plant-Based Diets Come with Many Benefits:  Prevent and Cure Disease and Reduce Medication Intake All Through Diet (National Jewish Health; February 20, 2013)
63 Billion Animals Feb to a U.S. Population of 313 Million in 2012 (Free From Harm, February 20, 2013)
Doctor McDougall Treats and Prevents Diseases With a Plant-Based Diet of Whole, Unprocessed Foods (Birch Indigo, February 20, 2013)
Bhutan To Be First Nation to Go 100% Organic (My Science Academy; February 20, 2013)
Windsor Man Says Raw, Vegan Diet a Cure for Many Ills (Courant, February 19, 2013)
Go Vegan to Prevent Heart Attack (Vindy, February 19, 2013)
Vegetarian Diet:  Plant-Based Eating Good for Health and Energy (Huffpost Living Canada, February 18, 2013)
Plant-Based Eating Good for Health and Energy Says Dietitian Leslie Beck (Winnipeg Free Press, February 18, 2013
Human System More Attuned to Vegetarian Diet, Says Seer (Times of India, February 18, 2013)
Searching for Truth in the Agriculture - Climate Change Connection (Free from Harm, February 17, 2013)
Vegetarian Diet Cuts Cancer Risk - study (Dr. David Liu, PhD, Food Consumer Org., February 17, 2013)
Being Vegan, It Can Happen Just Like This (Las Vegas Informer, February 17, 2013)
Is the Dietitians' Trade Group in Bed with the Junk Food Industry?  (Food Revolution, February 14, 2013)
Plant-Based Diets for Fibromyalgia (Dr. Michael Greger) (Care2 Make a Difference, February 13, 2013)
Vegetarian Baseball Fans:  L.A.'s Staples Center Most Veg-Friendly NBA Arena in Nation (laist, February 13, 2013)
Lenten Diets Shift Focus to Health, Compassion (The Columbus Dispatch, February 13, 2013)
From the Today Show to CNN, Vegans are Everywhere (The MFA Blog, February 08, 2013)
The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics (Mother Jones, February 8, 2013)
Meet Our Newest Blogger: Plant-Based Dietitian, Author, Talk-Show Host Julieanna Hever (CalabasasPatch, February 8, 2013)
Vegan Couture: Faux Meets Fabulous (CNN, February 7, 2013)Local Cardiologist Touts Plant-Based Diet for Optimal Health (Nashville Medical News, February 4, 2013)
Vegan Diet Could Help Protect Against Recent Flu Epidemic (The Montana Standard, January 27, 2013)
Plant-Based Diets and Cancer Risk (The Mesothelioma Center, January 21, 2013)
The Truth About Soy (The Food Revolution Network, December 19, 2012)
Is Carrgeenan Safe?  (Dr. Andrew Weil Answers, November 1, 2012)
USDA:  Don't go meatless, even one day a week (Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D., July 30, 2012)
(Compelling article about USDA's inherent conflict of interests and why its recommendations cannot be trusted)
3 Myths About Protein and a Plant-Based Diet (VegNews, July 23, 2012)
Evolution of Staph "Superbug" Traced Between Humans and Food Animals (Medical News Today, February 22, 2012)
The Evidence for a Vegan Diet (The Atlantic, January 18, 2012)
Ornish Diet Ranked First for Heart Health by U.S. News (Huffington Post, January 6, 2012)
Casien Can Cause Cancer and Chronic Illnesses (Toonari Post, September 13, 2011)
Going Green:  The Morality of Mealtime (Time Magazine, March 30, 2011)
UN Urges Global Move to a Meat and Dairy Free Diet (The Guardian, June 2, 2010)
Vegetarian Diets (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Volume 109, Issue 7, July 2009)
In a Flurry of Studies, Researcher Details Role of Apples in Inhibiting Breast Cancer (Cornell Chronicle, February 12, 2009)

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