I love infographics because they contain easy to read and understand data, charts, pictures, statistics and graphs.  A good infographic quickly conveys lots of information on a particular subject that would otherwise take hours to find.  The following is a list of infographics that are contained in this Blog about being overweight or obese, belly fat, foods (both good and bad), exercise and fitness, health and disease, vegan and vegetarian lifestyle and just about anything else that relates to losing weight and becoming healthier!

Vegan and Vegetarian Related:

Infographic:  National Vegetarian Month (Interesting Facts and Statistics)
Infographic:  Vegan Food Guide :  A Daily Plan for Healthy Eating (Vegan Pyramid)
Infographic:  Digest This:  Veganism Debunked
Infographic:  The Anatomy of a Vegan
Infographic:  Wondering About a Vegan Diet?
Infographic:  Health Benefits of Veganism
Infographic:  The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet
Infographic:  Eat Your Greens How Vegetarians Get It Wrong
Infographic:  Raw Food Pyramid
Infographic:  Vegan Food Pyramid
Infographic:  Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Food Pyramid
Infographic:  Go Meatless - Just Say No To Meat

The Good and Healthy Food:

Infographic:  SuperFoods
Infographic:  High Protein Foods
Infographic:  Protein in Vegetables
Infographic:  Foods That Contain Calcium
Infographic:  Best Sources of Calcium
Infographic:  Healthy Food Swaps [Healthy Wellness Warrior]
Infographic:  The Importance of Antioxidants
Infographic:  Gluten-Free Flour Types
Infographic:  The Colors of Health
Infographic:  More Reasons to Eat Fruits!
Infographic:  Brain Foods
Infographic:  Brain Threats and Protectors
Infographic:  The Nutrition of Mental Health
Infographic:  Healthy Fats for the Brain
Infographic:  Why You Should Eat an Avocado a Day
Infographic:  Have You Tried Avocados?
Infographic:  The Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil
Infographic:  The Power of Pistachios
Infographic:  Benefits of Himalayan Salt
Infographic:  Quinoa
Infographic:  9 Foods that Lower Blood Pressure
Infographic:  Foods that Pack a Protein Punch
Infographic:  Fat to Flat Belly Little Helpers
Infographic:  Healthy Hydration:  21 Ways to Eat Your Water

The Bad and Ugly Food:

Infographic:  Fat Facts (includes info on MUFAs, PUFAs)
Infographic:  Fats - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Infographic:  We Eat Less Healthy Than We Think
Infographic:  Real Food - Its Harder to Find Than You Think
Infographic:  Long-Term Weight Gain Foods
Infographic:  It's Summertime!
Infographic:  What's Really in the Can (of Soda)
Infographic:  A Sip of Soda:  How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health
Infographic:  The World of Burger
Infographic:  The Unhappy Meal
Infographic:  How Happy is the Meal You're Paying For?
Infographic:  Deconstructing Fast Food
Infographic:  The Long Term Effects of That Fast Food Meal
Infographic:  America's Fast Food Obsession
Infographic:  Hamburgers The Economics of America's Favorite Food
Infographic:  SugarGram
Infographic:  Your Body on Sugar
Infographic:  The Food Industry's Most Evil Ingredients
Infographic:  The Truth About Food Additives
Infographic:  How Alcohol Affects Your Body (and Belly Fat!)
Infographic:  Calories in Starbucks Coffee and Drinks

Obesity, Overweight and Disease:

Infographic:  The Most Common Cause of Death in the U.S.
Infographic:  Excess Body Weight Increases Risk of Cancer
Infographic:  Obesity and Cancer - What You Need to Know
Infographic:  Weight of the Union
Infographic:  We Are What We Eat
Infographic:  Are You Eating Too Much Protein?
Infographic:  Steak vs. Beans
Infographic:  The Impact of Poor Health
Infographic:  Matters of Your Heart
Infographic:  Your Life in Minutes Daily Activities That Add or Subtract Years from Your Life
Infographic:  How to Live Better and Longer
Infographic:  America's Health [Dis]Advantage
Infographic:  Baby Boomers Healthcare Boom
Infographic:  How Does Your Heart Feel About Your Diet?
Infographic:  Detecting Nutritional Deficiencies
Infographic:  Increase Serotonin with Food and Activities
Infographic:  Food Intolerance Symptoms
Infographic:  Gluten Intolerance
Infographic:  Magnesium Intolerance and Belly Fat
Infographic:  Magnesium Rich Foods For Better Health, Reduced Belly Fat

Belly Fat and Weight Loss:

Infographic:  The Real Causes of Your Belly Fat
Infographic:  How to Lose Belly Fat Part I
Infographic:  Burn Off Belly Fat and Other Health Benefits of Walking
Infographic:  How to Reduce Your Muffin Top and Belly Fat
Infographic:  Top 5 Ways to Get a Flat Stomach
Infographic:  Eat These 6 Foods to Help Get Rid of Your Stubborn Belly Fat
Infographic:  Blast Belly Fat - Flat Belly Made Easier
Infographic:  Shrink Your Belly in 14 Days
Infographic:  How to Beat Belly Fat
Infographic:  5 Spices That Burn Belly Fat Fast
Infographic:  The Science of Weight Loss
Infographic:  How to Lose Your Weight (No Diet, Just Sensible Tips!)
Infographic:  Weight Loss Tips - Obesity and Cancer
Infographic:  Sugar, Fat and Belly Fat (How It Works)
Infographic:  The Complete Guide to Calories
Infographic:  The Complete (Ultimate) Guide to Workout Nutrition
Infographic:  10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes
Infographic:  5 Weight Loss Mistakes
Infographic:  What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
Infographic:  Portion Control
Infographic:  How Fiber Works
Infographic:  Fiber and Weight Loss
Infographic:  Good vs. Bad Carbs
Infographic:  Carbs and Your Diet
Infographic:  Metabolism Boosting Foods (Vegetarian)
Infographic:  Top 10 Foods for a Speedy Metabolism
Infographic:  Fat Burners
Infographic:  Get Your Fats Right and Lose Belly Fat
Infographic:  Daily Water Chart (For Good Health and Weight Loss!)
Infographic:  Vegetables and Physical Activity: The Ultimate Way to Fitness
Infographic:  The Truth About Diets
Infographic:  Fad Diets (And False Weight Loss Claims)

GMOs, GE, Farming Practices and Related:

Infographic:  Know Your Food Labels - What Are You Eating?
Infographic:  Food Labeling and What You Should Know
Infographic:  Eating Organic vs. Conventional Eating
Infographic:  What Does Organic Really Mean?
Infographic:  Should Genetically Modified (GM) Foods be Banned?
Infographic:  How Farms Contribute to Superbugs (and Contamination of Produce)
Infographic:  Abuse of Antibiotics in Our Food and the FDA ...
Infographic:  Drugs in Milk and Meat
Infographic:  The Truth About Eating Animals

Exercise and Fitness:

Infographic:  Anatomy of Walking
Infographic:  How to Burn More Calories Walking
Infographic:  Sitting Disease - How Sitting Too Long Affects Your Health
Infographic:  Stress Relief Activities
Infographic:  Let's Talk About Stress

Environmental, Social and Other Issues:

Infographic:  Can We End World Hunger?
Infographic:  Environment Health 101
Infographic:  10 Ways to Reduce Exposure to Cancer Causing Agents

Holidays and Entertaining:

Infographic:  10 Healthy Green Foods for St. Patrick's Day

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